What is a Peer Group?

Peer Groups are simply a group of like-minded business owners and leaders who meet regularly to help each other improve their businesses and their lives. They share ideas, challenges, knowledge, experience and strategies in an effort to help the entire group rise to that next level. To give you an example of what a mastermind or peer group can be, imagine for a moment that you have a dollar and I have a dollar. If we exchange dollars, then we still each have a dollar. However, if we each have an idea and we exchange ideas, now we each have two ideas. Now take that analogy and multiply it times 10 people. That is a what a peer group does.

Why Join A Peer Group?

You Can Work “On Your Business” instead of just “In Your Business”We’ve all been there. You spend so much time handling the urgent that the truly important things like strategy and planning get pushed to the back burner. It happens to everyone but how can you expect to grow and truly optimize your business if you never get the chance to do the thinking and planning necessary to take you to that next level. Peer Groups are great for not only giving you that opportunity, but also for providing inspiration and accountability to the truly important things in your business that will guarantee new level success.
Support From People Who UnderstandThe people in your Peer Group will be like minded individuals who run a business just like you, deal with employees just like you and are confronted with tough decisions just like you. They are people who not only know what you’re going through but who also want to improve their lives and business in the same way that you do. This means you will get guidance and support from people who have similar goals and challenges to you in a completely confidential environment.
Unique PerspectivesOur Group members come from different industries, different types of businesses and all have different experiences that brought them to where they are today. They will not only see your problems from a different, unique perspective that may provide the clarity you need, they also will bring in ideas, inspiration and practices that may be new to you but extremely helpful in getting your business and your life where it needs to go.
MotivationAs a member of our Peer Group, you will be motivated by successful individuals to improve not only your business but every aspect of your life from relationships to health and financial well being. In addition, you’ll be able to motivate others by bringing your expertise and examples into the group to truly make a difference in the lives of others. You will be surrounding yourself with people who are excited passionate and energetic about business and all the challenges they face in life. That kind of energy is contagious and will be multiplied in your group.
Accumulated ExperienceIn your peer group, you will benefit not just from your own experience but from that of everyone in your group. Can you imagine instantly 10Xing all the experience and knowledge you’ve currently accumulated? That’s the kind of experience and knowledge you’ll be able to draw from in your peer group.
A Chance To ServeAs a Peer Group member, you will not only get to benefit from all the other people in your group but you too will be able to serve others as a sounding board, an idea generation factory, inspiration and as a friend. You have an opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of others and help both them and their businesses grow. You will take pride in the knowledge that you have made someone else life better as well as the lives of their families.
AccountabilityThe members of your group will hold you accountable to follow through on your goals and to take action on your new strategy and plans. If being held accountable scares you, then a peer group may not be for you. You will also be called upon to hold the other members of your group accountable to their plans and goals. Peer groups are for people who are serious about improving their business and a big part of what makes them work is the accountability provided.

What does it take to be in a peer group?

ConfidentialityAll group members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to participate. Discretion is taken very seriously and any violation will result in ejection from the group. All group members are not only encouraged but required to be honest with themselves and with the group. Without that kind of honesty, true growth isn’t possible. That kind of honesty requires confidentiality.
CommitmentAll group members are expected to make all meetings and should know ahead of time that they will be held accountable not just to attendance but also to any goals or plans made int he meetings. Attendance may seem like a trivial thing but when someone rarely makes the meetings it changes the chemistry of the group and a lack of commitment can hinder the progress of the other group members. Therefore group members will be held accountable for their attendance and should also be committed to accomplishing their goals.
Non-Competitive SituationsWe will, under no circumstances put you in a group with those you are competing against. Being in the same industry is fine but being direct competitors is not fine. It not only puts group members in an awkward situation where they can’t be honest about their business, it also puts us and everyone in the group in jeopardy due to collusion laws and the like. Therefore we will make every effort to make sure we never have any direct competitors in a group together.
Positive AttitudesGroups flourish when all members have a positive attitude. Being optimistic and positive may seem trivial to some but it can be the difference between a great experience and a horrible experience for the other members and is therefore a requirement to participate. All members sincerely want to improve themselves and their businesses and a “can-do” attitude is an essential ingredient in that improvement.
Similar StagesWe strive to put together groups that are at similar stages in life and business. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some differences because there definitely will but having one member with a very large business and hundreds of employees in a group full of startups and solo-preneurs isn’t going to be as helpful to the person with the large business. They’re also not going to be able to relate and contribute to the conversation those start ups and solo-preneurs are having. You can see why it’s important to have people who are at similar stages in the same group so the challenges and goals are all relatable to everyone. It is possible that at the time you apply to be in a group, we may not have a direct fit for you. If that’s the case, we’ll keep you on a waiting list until we have enough members to form a group that fits your circumstances and will even actively recruit other members who would fit that group.

About Our Peer Groups

How Many People Will Be In My Mastermind Group?A peer group can consist of anywhere from three to 20 people but we prefer to keep our groups in the neighborhood of eight to twelve. You will find some companies out there offering groups of 20 to 200 and calling it a mastermind group but that’s really more of a community and can’t build the kind of trust, honesty and accountability that I believe is essential to the success of a peer group. My goal is to make sure you and your group are successful at attaining next level personal and business growth and I believe that growth is most achievable at group sizes of 12 or less.
How will my peer group meet?Scheduling and Time are two of the biggest challenges leaders face today. It is for that reason that we use the most convenient and time efficient means possible to conduct meetings. Most of your meetings will be conducted via a Zoom Video Call. This still provides face to face interaction and camaraderie but without the frustrations of travel and traffic. You will also have an in person retreat where you and the other group members meet at a destination location to get away from the day to day hustle and bustle of business and enjoy time spent in a beautiful location where you can bond even more with your fellow group members over activities and shared meals.
Who facilitates the meetings?All meetings are run by a facilitator who will not only keep the meetings running on time and make sure that everyone abides by the rules but will also provide valuable feedback and ask questions to help the group probe deeper into what’s being discussed and make sure that everyone gets to participate.