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Align your life with the Impact you want to make in your Business, Family & Community. Build a Personal and Financial Legacy that will last generations.

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There are all kinds of groups out there and many are great at their specific focus. However, very few of them are focused on your whole life and not just one aspect of business or personal life. Impact Legacy and Meaning Groups are there to help you throughout all aspects of life. We know that people aren't just robots designed to make money. We also know that your business life will affect your personal life and vice versa.

Why Impact Legacy & Meaning Groups?

Join a group that is committed to supporting each other in both business and our personal lives to achieve major impact, leave a lasting legacy and find the meaning given to us everyday through our faith and community.

  • To join a group that holds each other Accountable to their goals and committments

  • To join a group that Supports each other through victories and defeats

  • To join a group whose collective Knowledge & Experience improves decision making and speeds up growth

  • To join a group that values Confidentiality so you can be honest with others and yourself

  • To join a group that makes you exponentially better in both business and life

Meet Shawn Skaggs

Shawn Skaggs is the founder of Impact Legacy and Meaning Groups and the host of the Impact Legacy and Meaning Podcast.

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Join like-minded individuals pursuing a path to success and meaning.

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